Hot Wheels® Ballistiks™ Battle Wagon

Product#: Y6742
Released: 2013
Ages: 5 years and up

Product Desciption:

Ballistiks™ vehicles are ready to drive into battle with this wagon! It folds up like a Ballistiks™ but open to reveal the ultimate offensive weapon! The battle wagon carries five Ballistiks™ vehicles, one as the driver (one is included; others are sold separately). Hit the center launcher to deploy vehicles one by one. They'll also respond to attack-if the side targets are hit, two vehicles will eject from that side. Enemies below won't know what hit them! Ballistiks™ balls open on impact to become a vehicle. Simply roll up the sides to return to ball form; slip it into a pocket for easy portability. Just as in real battle, heavy attack will take its toll! If the front or rear bumpers are hit, they'll detach from the main body-but don't despair! The three pieces are easily put back together and rolled into ball form. Who will go ballistic? Includes 1 Ballistiks™ vehicle.

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