Polly Pocket® Mall On The Wall®

Product#: Y6439
Released: 2013
Ages: 4 years and up

Product Desciption:

Polly® doll and her friends can spend a day at the mall enjoying all sorts of adventures because they shop at the ultimate mall…on the wall! This mall really elevates play by attaching to the wall with included safe-for-walls Command® strips from 3M while suction-cups keep small pieces in place.
Girls can start in the boutique, shopping for the most sensational shoes, then take a break with a ride on the Ferris wheel, located in the center of the mall.
Girls simply power it with the hand crank. When Polly® doll and her friends have had their turn, girls can push the button to release them down a twisting slide that lands in the food court.
Once re-energized with snacks, the enthusiastic shoppers can take the working escalator, also powered by the same hand crank, to the electronics store to pick up a new “camera” or “music player.”

Attach other shops, sold separately, to amp up the adventure with zipline connectors to transport Polly® doll between businesses. It's extreme shopping with the ultimate mall…on the wall!!

Set comes with Polly® doll, zipline connector piece and chair, food, electronic store supplies (cell phone, head phones, etc.), shoes, handbags, shopping bag, clothes hangers, four safe-for-walls Command Strips from 3M, wall mounts and storage.

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