Apptivity™ Hot Wheels® Double Pack (Apple)

Product#: Y2409
Released: 2012
Discontinued: 2013
Ages: 4+

Product Desciption:

APPTIVITY™ HOT WHEELS® Double Pack: It's digital racing that will drive kids wild! With a sleek finish and conductive base, Hot Wheels® Apptivity™ cars are designed for use in conjunction with an iPad® app in which kids can explore the Hot Wheels Test Facility™. Part of Mattel's Apptivity™ line, each vehicle has different abilities onscreen that are unlocked as kids compete in different games and at different levels.

Instruction Sheets

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What devices is Apptivity compatible with?

    Apptivity is currently only compatible with iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad.  Some Fisher-Price Apptivity items are compatible with iPhone or iPod Touch.  Be sure to check toy packaging to see which devices are compatible for your specific toy.

  • Does Apptivity work with a screen protector on my device?

    Apptivity works best without a screen protector.

  • Will Apptivity toys damage my screen?

    We know a big concern with parents is the safety of playing with a physical toy on their iPad screen.  Acknowledging this, we have developed Apptivity toys utilizing special screen-safe plastic that when clean and free of foreign debris will not scratch screen surfaces.

  • What does it mean when I see a white outline of a car on the screen Apptivity Hot Wheels?

    You should place the Apptivity Hot Wheels car on the screen in that location in order to play.

  • What does it mean when I see a red outline of a car on the screen in Apptivity Hot Wheels?

    You should pull the car back so that your car stays in that location on the screen.

  • What does the action button on top of the Apptivity Hot Wheels car do?

    The action button is the button on the hood of the car that you can press down in order to start the game, activate weapons, enter buildings and other zones, and more.

  • How do I customize my Apptivity Hot Wheels vehicle?
    • You can customize your vehicle in the workshop.  Follow the green tool icon to find the workshop hangar.
    • There are multiple types of customizations that you can make:
      • One-shots are one-time game modifiers that you can use to improve your performance, such as nitro bursts that give you faster speed.  However, after you use a one-shot, you no longer have it anymore.  You would need to unlock another one to use it again.
      • Add-ons are customizations that can be used forever on your vehicle, such as tires or weapons.  Once you have unlocked them, they are permanently available for your use.
    • In order to modify your vehicle in the workshop, tap any icon in the circle with your finger and it will take you to the page where you can unlock it, if you have enough credits.
      • Those that are green are unlocked and your car is currently equipped with that item.
      • Those items that are orange are already unlocked, but your car is not currently equipped with that item.

      • Those that are grey are unearned.

    • You can purchase more credits to unlock specific one-shot or add-on modifications. Once add-ons are purchased, they will always be available to equip your car.

  • My Apptivity Hot Wheels car isn’t getting recognized by the game when I place it on screen.
    • First, ensure that the car is specifically meant for the Apptivity Hot Wheels game, and not a regular Hot Wheels car. You will be able to tell whether it is for Apptivity by looking for the contact points on the bottom of the car.
    • Ensure that the contact points are extended rather than retracted. There is a button on the bottom of the car that allows you to switch between traditional Hot Wheels car play (retracted) and Apptivity mode (extended).
    • Check the bottom of the car for debris, and wipe it with a clean, dry cloth.
    • Wipe your screen with a soft, dry cloth to ensure the best conductivity with the car.
    • Make sure you are holding the car in the right location in order for it to be recognized.
      • Hold it in the center and on the sides of the car while the tires are on the screen.
      • Make sure that you are not placing the car on the black or white frame around the iPad screen. You must keep the car only within the screen area.
      • Do not wear gloves or mittens since the car needs to come in contact with your fingertips.
  • My Apptivity Hot Wheels car is recognized by the game, but it won't drive.

    There is a silver-colored speed control button on the lower left side of the screen. The image on it is a gear box.  Tap the button to move from “Stop” mode to “Slow” and “Fast” modes.

  • What are the icons that I see moving around the screen as I play Apptivity Hot Wheels?

    The various colored icons are meant to direct you to the different hangars in the Hot Wheels Test Facility.  The red diamond icon takes you to the Search and Destroy Hangar, the yellow triangle icon takes you to the Long Jump Hangar, and the blue circle icon takes you to the Race Hangar. The green tool icon will allow you to upgrade your vehicle in the workshop.

  • How do I move to another area of the Test Facility in Apptivity Hot Wheels?

    Click on the map icon in top left corner of screen. You can click on any of the icons to be taken to that particular area of the Test Facility.

  • How do I earn and redeem credits in Apptivity Hot Wheels?

    The more you play the game, the more credits you earn. You can redeem credits in the workshop.  Your credits are listed in the top right corner of the screen.

  • The Apptivity Hot Wheels game is frozen.
    • Touch the screen with your finger to move forward to the next page.
    • If the game keeps freezing, try doing a hard reset. 
      • Click the home button on your iPad to get to the home screen.
      • Then double-click the home button again. The multitasking bar will appear. 
      • Touch the thumbnail of the Apptivity game until it wiggles, and then touch the minus button. 
      • Then click the home button again, and restart the game by clicking the thumbnail for the game on your home screen.
  • The Apptivity Hot Wheels game keeps crashing.
    • From your iPad home screen, go to Settings, General, then Multitasking Gestures. Turn off Multitasking Gestures.
    • Make sure that you do not press the car down on the iPad home button, as that will close the game.
  • I can’t access certain areas of the Apptivity Hot Wheels game.

    You need the appropriate piece of equipment, such as a flotation device, big-wheel tires or wings, to access certain areas. You can get this equipment in the Workshop, which you can find by following the green tool icon, then pressing the action button once you arrive at the Workshop hangar.

  • How can I see the Apptivity Hot Wheels tutorial again?

    The tutorial only plays once, but parts of it can be viewed again by clicking on the map icon on the top left corner of your screen.

  • Can I play the game without the Apptivity toy?

    You can, but you will not get the full experience and ease of functionality as when playing with the Apptivity toy.
    • To play without the toy, use two fingers to activate the virtual car.  The action button is the red portion of the car hood that you can press with another finger.
    • In order to access the content in the hangars each time you play, you must first find the co-pilot monkey by following the purple monkey icon.  The monkey will give you keys to the hangar.  Or, you can buy the co-pilot monkey using a one-time in-app purchase, so you don’t need to do this every time you play.
    • You can customize your virtual car in the workshop also, using credits that you can earn or purchase in the app.


  • How do I change the settings on my iPad when I use my Apptivity toy?

    From the home screen, tap the Settings icon.  From there you can change a variety of settings including turning off multitasking gestures.  For more detail, please refer to

  • How do I control the volume of my iPad when I use my Apptivity toy?

    Use the volume up/down buttons on the side of your device.  For more detail, please refer to

  • What are the best kind of batteries to use in Fisher-Price® and Mattel® products?

    A.    We recommend using alkaline batteries with our products, as they are great for long-term use and help optimize performance. We don't recommend using Carbon-Zinc batteries. While Carbon-Zinc batteries may work well with low-power devices, they can drain after a short period of time and cause certain products to not function properly.

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