Hot Wheels® Dragon Destroyer™ Track Set

Product#: X9300
Released: 2013
Discontinued: 2015
Ages: 4+

Product Desciption:

Hot Wheels® Dragon Destroyer™ Track Set:
Dragons live strong in boys imaginations, and this one is attacking Hot Wheels® City! Kids can send their vehicles racing past the dragon to try to save the day, but the path is dangerous. A diverter offers two options. One avoids the dragon's chomping jaws but is still in the line of fire for the scaly monster's shooting “fireball.” If he chooses to release the projectile, the car may get knocked off the track-and it's a steep fall! Avoid the dragon, and vehicles must still navigate a tight curve made more hair-raising with a ring of “fire”! Make it to the bottom, and kids can load the car into the launcher. Aim it right, push the button and send the vehicle into the dragon to knock it from its perch! Another legendary beast is slain-simply reattach the dragon to the track, and the legend lives on! Set features removable dragon, truck-style launcher, a “fireball” and 1 die-cast vehicle. Not for use with some Hot Wheels® vehicles.

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