Polly Pocket® Wall Party™ Camp

Product#: X8542
Released: 2013
Ages: 4 and up

Product Desciption:

Polly Pocket® Wall Party™ Accessory Assortment What's a day without adventure? Polly® and her friends wouldn't know since every day is an adventure, particularly when play moves off the floor and onto the wall! These play sets feature safe-for-walls Command® strips from 3M to really elevate play! The suction-cup piece-count adds even more upside-down fun; pieces stay in place for continuous play and easy cleanup. All three can be used to extend play with other sets, sold separately. The balloon can be moved around Polly® doll's Wall Party™ world with the clouds it hangs from to visit different areas; open it to reveal a picnic area or store items in the top. The campground features hidden storage beneath the tent along with a swing to relax under the stars. Polly® and her friends can visit the juice bar for snacks; its counter also doubles as storage. For even more high-flyin' fun, the campground and juice bar sets include zipline connectors to attach them to the rest of Polly® doll's Wall Party™.

The Balloon Ride set includes 2 clouds, Polly® doll, picnic piece-count and 3 Command® strips from 3M; the Camp comes with Polly® doll, a bonfire, guitar, additional themed piece-count and 2 Command® strips from 3M (1 is extra); and the Juice Bar features Chrissy® doll, a piece-count perfect for snack bar play and 2 Command® strips from 3M (1 is extra). Each sold separately, subject to availability.

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