Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza™

Product#: W9858
Released: 2012
Discontinued: 2015
Ages: 6 to 36 months

Product Desciption:

The Power Tower comes with eight colorful balls. Full of great ramp play it's perfect for all of baby's key physical milestones. The center tower has pulsating lights that encourage baby to move up and around. For a sitting baby they can drop the balls onto the lower ramps or bat at the paddle wheel. When baby's ready to crawl they can crawl through the gate, which spins all the way around. Or they can crawl through the other arch, activating break the bream, and be rewarded with lights and sounds. When baby is ready to stand and cruise they can put the balls into the top and they will shoot out and bounce off the trampoline and down and around the ramps. This will have a try-me at retail. A small opening where the consumer can press to hear the music.

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