GeoTrax® Disney Pixar Cars 2 Eiffel Tire Crash Site™

Product#: V9962
Released: 2011
Ages: 2-7 years old

Product Desciption:

The 2011 Geo Trax Cars 2 Eiffel Tower Set offers all the classic Geo Trax play little boys love combined with the power of the Cars 2 license. Boys can pretend they're part of the movie over and over again. Kids or parents can attach the Eiffel Tower to their existing track. The set comes with Tomber the Informant and Finn McMissle. The Eiffel Tower features a secret switch track that will cause vehicles to exit the track and crash through a gate. A TV camera located to the side of the track is the actuator for this feature, all the kids need to do is rotate the TV Camera towards the approaching Vehicle and sit back and watch the carnage. Finn McMissle is a push vehicle with sounds and Tomber the Informant is push only.

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