GeoTrax® Disney/Pixar Cars Escape from Big Bentley

Product#: V9961
Released: 2011
Discontinued: 2013
Ages: 2-7 years old

Product Desciption:

The 2011 Geo Trax Cars 2 Big Bentley Set offers all the classic Geo Trax play little boys love combined with the power of the Cars 2 license.

Boys can relive the escape scene from the movie over and over again.

Load any Geo Trax vehicle;onto the Drop Floor in the Big Bentley Tower and when another vehicle passes underneath and through the Tower, the Drop Floor activates and releases the vehicle onto the track.  This feature is directional, meaning it will only be triggered if the vehicle enters the the side of the Tower that has the Drop Floor end exposed.

The vehicle that is released exits in the opposite direction as the vehicle that triggered the Drop Floor to fall.  If the Vehicle enters the side of the Tower with the Clock Gears and passes through, the floor will not fall.

The child can at any time manually trigger the Drop Floor (unless a vehicle is in the tower and the release switch/trigger is engaged) 

Holly Shiftwell comes with Sounds and Character Phrases from the movie.

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