Elmo's Tickle Hands

Product#: P4385
Released: 2009
Discontinued: 2010
Ages: 18 months +

Product Desciption:

Now Elmo puts the Tickle Power in your hands with "Tickle Hands Elmo". Tickle Hands Elmo are two silly furry red hand that fit right on a child hands. One tickle hand features tickle technology. Press Elmo's nose on the hand to activate. When child touches a surface, the hand begins to vibrate and you'll get fun phrases from Elmo and silly sound effects. The more you tickle the more Elmo laughs! Press Elmo's nose again to activate Dance mode. Now Elmo will guide you through his signature dance, the Elmo Tickle, and the hands will recognize your movements and guide you through the dance step by step.

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