Brain Games

Product#: I7038
Released: 2006
Discontinued: 2019
Ages: 8+

Product Desciption:

After two decades studying how we can improve memory and prevent Alzheimer’s disease, I have found there is a lot we can do. Genetics accounts for only about a third of what determines our health as we age – that means that simple, everyday lifestyle choices have a major impact on our memory and brain fitness. My books, The Memory Bible, The Memory Prescription, and The Longevity Bible, detail my strategies – physical and mental exercise, stress reduction techniques, the Healthy Brain Diet, and more – to boost your brain power and live longer, better. However, you are well on your way to boosting your brain power by playing Brain Games. Brain Games will teach you my basic memory technique – Look, Snap, Connect – and help you perfect these strategies. Besides being fun to play, Brain Games will help your memory abilities improve almost immediately. You will also “cross-train” your brain with left-brain (verbal memory and logical skills – e.g., writing letters) and right-brain (visual memory and mental skills – e.g., reading maps) games. Brain Games lets you monitor your progress, while setting and increasing a pace that works for your memory ability as you train your brain and gauge your improvement. You can use Look, Snap, Connect for everyday memory tasks (lists, errands, names and faces) and build on this basic technique to become a memory champion. First master the basic skill: • Look – learn to focus your attention on the new information you wish to remember. Slow down, take a deep breath, and ignore distractions. • Snap – create a mental snapshot or visual image in your mind’s eye of what you want to remember. Make it personal and give it detail to help fix it into your memory. • Connect – link up your mental snapshots in you mind’s eye. This association step helps put the new memories into context and helps you retrieve them later when you need them. To remember a list of errands, create a story using Look, Snap, Connect: You need to stop at the store to get some aspirin and a hair brush before you meet your sister. In your mind’s eye, you see your sister taking some aspirin and then brushing her hair. For learning and recalling names and faces, think up a Name Snap and a Face Snap – then Connect these mental pictures or Snaps together. Thinking of a visual image or Snap for a name can be easy: See a house for Mr. House, a gold coin for Ms. Gold, or a carnival worker for Mrs. Carney. For more complex names, combine visual words that sound like the name – see Mr. Domachow eating chicken chow mein under a dome. For a face snap, look for a distinguishing feature and then connect it to the name snap. If Mrs. Washington has prominent lips, see her kissing George Washington on the lips. At first it may seem a bit wacky; however, you’ll not only have fun but you’ll improve your everyday memory skills. Remembering names and faces is the most common memory complaint. Our research group at UCLA has studied the effectiveness of Look, Snap, Connect, along with other lifestyle strategies that improve memory and brain health. We found that after only two weeks, these techniques have a significant effect on memory performance scores and dramatically increase brain efficiency. The more you play Brain Games, the better you’ll get at it and the more brain power you’ll have. Have fun, Dr. Gary Small

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