Hot Wheels® Racing Loops Tower™ by Little People®

Product#: HKB81
Released: 2022
Ages: 1 1/2 - 5Y

Product Desciption:

The Racing Loops Tower™ playset by Little People® brings all the exciting racing, launching, and crashing action of a Hot Wheels® racetrack to small hands for epic, toddler-friendly pretend play. Featuring 50+ sounds and tunes, a triple car launcher, two Hot Wheels® 360-degree loop tracks, a spiral track, and a super cool stunt ramp that sends Wheelies™ cars through a ring of “fire,” this Little People® vehicle playset is packed with awesome Hot Wheels® action for little racers. Kids can race their Wheelies™ cars against each other, watch them crash into each other, or send them “soaring” through the ring for a legendary finish.

Little People® vehicle playset with two 360-degree Hot Wheels® racing loops, a double spiral racetrack, and a ring of “fire” stunt ramp

Easy-lift ramp sends 1, 2 or 3 cars zooming down and around the tracks for cool racing and stunt action (Includes 2 Wheelies™ cars, additional vehicles sold separately.)

50+ sounds and musical tunes play as kids launch their Wheelies™ cars

​Includes car “wash,” gas station, and mechanic stops for added pretend play

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