UNO® with UNO Ultimate™ foil card

Product#: HJH90
Released: 2022
Ages: 7 years and up

Product Desciption:

This version of the game is is the same classic UNO® matching card game everyone loves with the inclusion of an extra, surprise collectible Foil Card from the UNO Ultimate™ Core Card Game (sold separately, subject to availability). The UNO Ultimate™ card game is a premium version of the UNO® card game that features card decks designed specifically for a heroic character from popular culture, and each character has special cards and powers. Every Foil Card is an exact replica of one of the special cards from UNO Ultimate™ game and can be played with the UNO Ultimate™ Core Card Game or kept as a collectible. Which one is inside? With classic UNO® fun and a unique surprise, this Card Game makes a great gift for game lovers and Super Hero fans ages 7 years and older, particularly players who want to collect all of the Foil Cards! Colors and decorations may vary.

This edition of the classic UNO® card game features one collectible Foil Card from UNO Ultimate™ Core Card Game (sold separately, subject to availability).

Players can save the Foil Card as a collectible or use it when they play the UNO Ultimate™ card game!

Every collectible Foil Card is a replica of one of the special Character Cards from the Core Card Game.

Player still match cards by number, color and symbol.

Makes a great gift for kid, teen, adult and family game nights with 2 to 10 players ages 7 years and older!

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