Imaginext® Disney and Pixar Lightyear Lift & Launch™ Star Command

Product#: HGT25
Released: 2022
Ages: 3-8 years

Product Desciption:

Kids can “blast off” into hyperspeed, just like Buzz Lightyear in Disney and Pixar’s film Lightyear, with this Imaginext® Lift & Launch™ Star Command interactive playset from Fisher-Price®. Space Rangers-in-training can help Buzz Lightyear reach hyperspeed by “launching” and “flying” the XL-14 spaceship from the Star Command tower. Need more power? Kids can send Buzz Lightyear up the elevator and across the extendable catwalk where they can attach extra engines and a fuel cell to the ship. Prepare for a Lightyear-sized lift off!

Star Command comes to life with this interactive playset featuring Buzz Lightyear (XL-14), the XL-14 spaceship, and cool lights and sounds.

Kid-controlled flight! Press the button to “launch” the ship, then pull the lever to “fly” around. The more kids pull the lever, the faster the ship’s “flight”

Includes removable XL-14 spaceship, poseable Buzz Lightyear (XL-14) figure, attachable fuel cell and 2 rocket boosters to “build” the ship.

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