Hot Wheels® R/C The Batman Batmobile™

Product#: HCD19
Released: 2022
Ages: 6 Years and up

Product Desciption:

The Hot Wheels® R/C Batmobile™ embodies the exquisite style and awesome speed of the iconic super hero vehicle from the movie The Batman in a stealthy remote-control vehicle. This 1:10 scale car is larger than a traditional Hot Wheels®, but with the same excellent detail, performance, and quality inherent to the brand. The rechargeable pistol grip controller enhances the vehicle's sportscar-like performance and is ideal for an aspiring Caped Crusader™. Colors and decorations may vary.


The Hot Wheels® R/C The Batman Batmobile™ is a 1:10 scale replica of the super hero vehicle from The Batman franchise, featuring authentic decos that are sleek and stealth just like the Caped Crusader ™ himself!

The 1:10 scale is larger than the traditional Hot Wheels® car, but still combines the epic detail of the Hot Wheels® tradition with the elite power of Hot Wheels® R/C that car enthusiasts and fans of the film will love.

Charge the vehicle using the included USB cable for 20 minutes of continuous play per charge.

Kids drive the adventure with the Hot Wheels® R/C The Batman Batmobile™ and can recreate their favorite scenes from the movie or invent new scenarios where they're the super hero behind the wheel.

R/C car enthusiasts will love this limited-edition Hot Wheels® R/C The Batman Batmobile™ vehicle -- makes a great gift for fans and collectors of the legendary DC Super Hero. Hot Wheels® R/C The Batman Batmobile™, Remote-Controlled 1:10 Scale Toy Vehicle

Includes 1 Hot Wheels® R/C 1:10 scale vehicle, 1 controller and 1 USB cable.

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