Star Station Entertainment System

Product#: H6723
Released: 2005
Discontinued: 2007
Ages: 3 years +

Product Desciption:

The Star Performer lets kids turn any television into an instant hit show by putting the power of performance right into their hands. Using Plug and Play technology the hardware unit plugs right into the TV, then the power truly is in kids hands as they control the action. Kids can see and hear themselves on TV and sing along to popualr Kidz Bop Music. It's so much fun that family and friends will love to join in too! * The Star Performer Platform's music library lets kids choose from over 65 Kidz Bop songs. Kidz Bop is the most-popular and most-recognized music product in the US for kids aged 4-11. Kidz Bop features today’s most popular songs - sung by kids for kids. The hardware includes a Rom with 4 songs and there is a library of 8 additional ROM packs each containing 8 songs. The Additional ROMs make it easy for kids to use as they can quickly and easily change the music and the theme of their show. * A wireless microphone puts no limits on the action and lets kids to choose from and control 5 different camera lenses. From a button on the mic children can change and rotate the lenses for awesome on-screen effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best kind of batteries to use in Fisher-Price® and Mattel® products?

    A.    We recommend using alkaline batteries with our products, as they are great for long-term use and help optimize performance. We don't recommend using Carbon-Zinc batteries. While Carbon-Zinc batteries may work well with low-power devices, they can drain after a short period of time and cause certain products to not function properly.

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