Geo Trax™ Crankin' Round Crane™

Product#: H4648
Released: 2005
Discontinued: 2008
Ages: 2 1/2 +

Product Desciption:

A vehicle track system that is a world of transportation fueled by imagination. The Workin' Town Crane is part of the new GeoTrax "Power Series". Bring this accessory to your GeoTrax system and play with it many different ways. With an RC Engine, you can activate the great "working" feature - drive an Engine over the specialty "power" track and pull back on the lever to activate the magic action; watch as the crane rotates around and around. Pull back on the handle to stop the rotating, and push forward to drop the arm to pick up cargo with ease. Unload the cargo into the drop through chute. The crane can also be activated by hand. Set comes with a loading car and a crate.

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