Hot Wheels® Massive Loop Mayhem™ Track Set

Product#: GTV14
Released: 2021
Ages: For kids ages 5 years and older.

Product Desciption:

The Hot Wheels® Massive Loop Mayhem™ track set will definitely make kids loopy from the thrilling excitement! This epic track includes a huge 28-inch wide loop that's designed for multi-car play -- vehicles whip around the loop and avoid nail-biting near-misses with each other! Kids send the first car into action using the slam launcher, then add more and more cars until there's the inevitable crash (additional cars sold separately). The challenge lies in how many cars can run at once -- it's a trick of timing and skill. The track comes with one 1:64 scale Hot Wheels® vehicle to get the action started! Colors and decorations may vary.

The Hot Wheels® Massive Loop Mayhem™ track set is a huge looping challenge that's full of excitement and thrills!

It includes a 28-inch wide track loop around which multiple cars race and avoid near misses.

One Hot Wheels® vehicle is included, but the challenge lies in how many cars kids can have flying around the track at one time before there's an awesome crash (additional cars sold separately)!

A battery box booster keeps the cars in continuous motion through the epic loop! (Batteries not included.)

The Hot Wheels® Massive Loop Mayhem™ set is an awesome gift for kids 5 years old and up who love the thrill of stunting and crashing their Hot Wheels® vehicles.

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