Hot Wheels® Loop Stunt Champion™, track set

Product#: GTV13
Released: 2021
Ages: For kids ages 4 years and older.

Product Desciption:

The Hot Wheels® Loop Stunt Champion™ is the ultimate in racing and stunting with a dual launcher, dual-track loop, spring-loaded ramp, and adjustable landing cup. Kids experiment with force and technique as they launch their Hot Wheels® vehicles through the loop and flip onto the landing. Challenging for single or multicar play (sold separately). The launcher can also send cars horizontally into the loop, so that they rail grind into a barrel flip. The set includes one 1:64 scale Hot Wheels® car and makes a great gift for kids aged 4 and up. Colors and decorations may vary.

The launcher invites multiplayer action or can be used solo to experiment with unconventional stunts.

Kids will love learning to master the massive loop and the spring-loaded ramp. The landing adjusts along the track for a movable target and enhanced difficulty.

Includes one 1:64 scale Hot Wheels® car that fits in the launcher two ways -- the traditional back-in as well as horizontally.

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