Hot Wheels® Monster Truck Downhill Race & Go™ Play Set

Product#: GFR15
Released: 2019
Ages: For kids ages 4 to 8 years old.

Product Desciption:

More features than any Monster Truck play set you've seen before! Hot Wheels® Monster Truck Downhill Race & Go™ is the the ultimate race between Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks and Hot Wheels® cars. Smash and crash your way to be the first to land in the Trophy Cup! That triggers the Crash Ramp to fall and sends the other vehicles flying! Set also acts as a Monster Truck Transporter. In Transporter mode, connect a 1:64 scale Monster Truck to the front and drive away! Set comes with a Hot Wheels® Monster Truck and a Hot Wheels® car. Big downhill racing fun for fans of Hot Wheels® and Monster Trucks!

It's a downhill race to beat obstacles and knock out your competition, and it's all about crashing and smashing!

Be the first to land in the trophy cup that triggers the track to fail and send the slower cars flying!

Designed for both Hot Wheels® cars and Monster Trucks.

The set is also a transporter for Monster Trucks. Connect a 1:64 scale truck to the front of the set and drive away!

Comes with a Hot Wheels® car and Hot Wheels® Monster Truck.

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