Mega Construx™ Pokémon™ Clefairy Micro Action Figure

Product#: GCM74
Released: 2019
Ages: 6 years and up

Product Desciption:

Become the Pokémon Trainer you've always wanted to be with 6 buildable Pokémon figures! Build the power that's inside with 6 buildable Pokémon, including popular characters from different regions! Each figure comes in its own Luxury Ball or Quick Ball, with prongs on top so you can display your Pokémon. Choose your favorite Pokémon from Sandshrew, Plusle, Sableye, Eevee, Aron, and Munchlax, and build each Pokémon in the series! Each sold separately. Characters, themes and details may vary.

• 1 buildable Pokémon figure

• Luxary Ball or Quick Ball with pronged top for figure display

• Choose from characters like Sandshrew, Plusle, Sableye, Eevee, Aron, and Munchlax, sold separately

• Combine with other Pokémon construction sets from Mega Construx™

• Build your Pokémon world, and Build Beyond™!

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