Hot Wheels® Track Builder™ Barrel Box

Product#: GCF91
Released: 2018
Ages: 6 years & up

Product Desciption:

Hot Wheels® Track Builder brings kids not just one but six barrels of fun with the Barrel Box! With stacking barrels that can slide onto track and connect to the lid, kids can build stunt after stunt quickly and easily. The Barrel Box also has the first-ever launcher built right into the lid. When kids are finished experimenting with new stunts, throw all the pieces back in the box for easy storage, or take the challenge to a friend! This set connects to the rest of their Track Builder sets for endless possibilites - build and expand the Hot Wheels® Track Builder world of stunts by combining other sets and track. Includes one Hot Wheels® car.


Innovative Barrel Box with stacking barrels, first launcher built into the lid, and 4+ stunts!

Hot Wheels® Track Builder has made it simple and fast to go from stunt to stunt.

This set really revs up problem solving and experimenting with new options for great stunts.

Everything connects for endless possibilities— build a world of stunts with Track Builder!

Easy storage and portability for fun with friends.

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