Hot Wheels® DC™ Killer Croc™ Sewer Escape Playset

Product#: GBW52
Released: 2019
Ages: 4 - 8 years

Product Desciption:

The outskirts of Hot Wheels™ City have been infiltrated by villains stirring up trouble! The Joker™ has taken over the amusement park and has re-named it The Joker™ Funhouse! Drive up the ramp on the side of the Funhouse and be careful to avoid the swinging mallets and free trapped friends and defeat The Joker™! Use the elevated ramp and the Batmobile™ in the Killer Croc™ Sewer Escape set to slide down the sewer at top speed to get past the enormous crocodile and save the city. Each set comes with a Batmobile™ for battling the bad guys, their own mini-figure and a Batmobile™. Sets connects directly to the Batcave™ and other Hot Wheels™ City sets with a brand-new connection system, still compatible with your orange track.

Hot Wheels™ City Batman™ villain sets for igniting their imagination and saving the city!

The Joker™ Funhouse includes The Joker™ mini-figure and swinging mallets plus a Batmobile™.

The Killer Croc™ Sewer Escape set includes a Killer Croc™ mini-figure and a ramp to take the Batmobile™ down fast to avoid the huge crocodile and save the day.

Limitless storytelling opportunities with sets that connect to each other and other Hot Wheels™ city sets for epic adventures.

Each set has its own features, mini-figure, and Batmobile™.

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