Hot Wheels® Launch Across Challenge

Product#: GBF89
Released: 2019
Ages: 4 - 8 years

Product Desciption:

Hot Wheels® Launch Across Challenge is an awesome way to play with die-cast cars and test motor skills. This unique set is like a game for 1 or 2 players. Each player launches their cars to hit their tiles, flipping them to get all their tiles in one color before their opponent does. Each player can move the launcher to adjust where their car lands, or take a defensive approach and try to land cars on the other player's side to change their tile colors if they are close to the win. For an additional way to play, players can flip up the ramp to launch their car underneath the tiles, flipping them from underneath.

Gamified Hot Wheels® play set with 2 tracks, 2 launchers, 2 ramps and lots of ways to play!

Kids can test and improve their accuracy and skill while competing with friends or practicing for the next

The launchers and track pivot so kids can aim at different angles and flip their opponent's tiles.

Flipping up the ramp lets kids launch under the tiles to flip them all to one color in one shot!

Includes 1 Hot Wheels® vehicle for immediate fun right out of the box.

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