Hot Wheels® Formula Fuelers™ Superfuel Lab™

Product#: G6047
Released: 2004
Ages: 6 years and up

Product Desciption:

Formula Fuelers™ Superfuel Lab™ The Formula Fuelers™ SuperFuel Lab™ gives kids a chance to simulate a high tech laboratory where they can design the ultimate fuel to power their Hot Wheels® Formula Fuelers™ vehicles. Combines activity play with powered vehicle performance! Formula Fuelers™ vehicles run on special formulas that kids make themselves! The SuperFuel Lab™ is a great way to mix your fuel. Use the dual mixing chambers and powered mix enhancer, add Nitrox2™ fuel packs for maximum mixing and racing action, and then pump your fuel into your fuel booster. Launch your vehicles down the ramp with the peel-out feature. Includes a motorcycle, two solution packets, beaker, and two fuel bottles. Requires six “AA” batteries, not included.

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