Hot Wheels® Creature Attack Bundle

Product#: FXL26
Released: 2018
Ages: 4 years and up

Product Desciption:

When it comes to fun, kids are in the driver's seat with play sets featuring colorful and iconic Hot Wheels® themes. Fuel their imagination with this assortment of sets featuring recognizable city locations and creatures. Your kids can drive their Hot Wheels® car to lock up bad guys in the police station, ride up the spiral ramp while choosing new tires and rims, battle the alligator hiding in the Gator Garage Attack™ play set and dodge the swinging spider in the park. Speed off for more adventures in Hot Wheels® City. When each set is connected tons of exciting, authentic Hot Wheels® action will result in hours of fun! Each set includes a Hot Wheels® car.

Each of these exciting play sets together make an exciting connected Hot Wheels™ City featuring colorful and iconic Hot Wheels® themes.

The Hot Wheels® Super Spin Tire Shop™ lets kids get a quick tune up, drive into the massive wheel and give it a spin! Their car will go for a loop inside the tire and come shooting out the other side ready to speed off for more adventures in Hot Wheels™ City.

The Hot Wheels® Spider Park Attack™ and the Hot Wheels® Gator Garage Attack™ play sets offer hours of push-around play in compact, easy-to-store sets with lots of moving parts.

Get set for some good clean fun with the Hot Wheels® Police Station play set. Kids can speed off to capture law breakers and lock them up at the station.

Connect to each Hot Wheels® track set in the bundle for tons of exciting, authentic Hot Wheels® action!

Fantastic gift for any special event in the life of a Hot Wheels® fan!

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