Barbie® Dolls, Bikes and Accessories

Product#: FVR06
Released: 2018
Ages: 3 years and up

Product Desciption:

The Barbie® sisters -- and their puppy -- are going for a bike ride, and all four sister dolls have their own wheels! Kids can role-play sibling bonding, get active during playtime and explore endless storytelling opportunities as they take the sisters on a new adventure. Seat Barbie® doll on her pink cruiser and Skipper™ and Chelsea™ dolls on the teal bike with a pink trainer for the little sister, clip their feet into the pedals and slip their hands onto the handlebars; then push the bicycles to watch them ride. The dolls have knees that bend to allow realistic movement with the working wheels and pedals. Stacie™ doll can keep up on her pink scooter with clips that keep her feet in place and handlebars that hold her hands to help execute extreme moves. Realistic touches that add to the sporty fun include silvery accents and a kickstand on the training bicycle. Each sister doll is ready to ride in a casually cool outfit with a matching pair of sneakers and a helmet. And their brown puppy is adorable with a sweet expression and playful pose -- a basket clips onto Barbie® doll's bike so it can ride, too. Kids will love exploring the world with Barbie® doll and her sisters with a gift that allows them to explore so many paths and discover that you can be anything with Barbie®! Includes Barbie®, Skipper™, Stacie™ and Chelsea™ dolls wearing fashions and accessories, one cruiser bicycle, one bicycle with trainer, one scooter and four helmets. Barbie®, Skipper™ and Stacie™ dolls cannot stand alone; dolls cannot ride alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

This Barbie® gift set gets imaginations rolling with all 4 sisters and their puppy together in one pack and with the gear for a fun ride -- a cruiser bicycle for Barbie® doll, a bicycle for Skipper™ doll with a trainer attached for Chelsea™ doll and a scooter for Stacie™ doll!

With knees that bend, the sisters can really ride for realistic movement -- clips on the bicycle seats, pedals, scooter and handlebars keep the dolls in place for active play.

The doll bicycles are designed in bright colors -- pink and teal -- with silvery accents and realistic details like a kickstand on the bicycle with trainer.

A white basket fits onto Barbie® doll's bicycle so puppy can ride along!

The sisters wear sporty outfits: Barbie® doll has on a colorful striped romper with ribbon accents, purple shoes and a matching helmet; Skipper™ doll wears a gray t-shirt with colorful palm tree decal, blue sneakers and a matching helmet; Stacie™ doll is dressed in a purple and blue t-shirt with team number, patterned shorts, white sneakers and a pink helmet; and Chelsea™ doll wears a pink dress with rainbow print, orange shoes and pink helmet with kitty ears.

Steer the sisters through all kinds of stories with this Barbie® playset that inspires kids to explore all the paths before them and discover you can be anything with Barbie®!

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