Hot Wheels® Speedy Pizza™ Play Set

Product#: FTL88
Released: 2018
Ages: 4 years and up

Product Desciption:

Kids can drive right up and order a pizza then launch through the iconic Hot Wheels® loop! Avoid getting knocked off the track by the swinging pizza. Fuel their imagination with this kid-favorite pizza drive-thru set that provides storytelling based on a fun and familiar theme. The Speedy Pizza™ set features multiple activation points and connects to orange track to build an EPIC world of Hot Wheels® fun. Includes one Hot Wheels® vehicle.

Kids will love the fun action play and storytelling opportunities with the Speedy Pizza™ Play Set.

Drive right in and order a pizza before launching through the giant loop!

Beware the swinging pizza that can knock the car off the track.

Includes one Hot Wheels® vehicle.

Set features multiple activation points to connect to other Hot Wheels® sets to build an EPIC world of Hot Wheels® fun.

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