Hot Wheels RC® Trick Truck™ Transforming Stunt Park

Product#: FRL17
Released: 2018
Ages: 8 years & up

Product Desciption:

Hot Wheels RC® Trick Truck is the first mobile stunt park and vehicle, with a self-deploying, transforming stunt system. This action-packed RC rig is 2-vehicles-in-1! Kids can use the hand-held remote to drive and perform drift tricks with the RC Truck! Then, with the press of one button the trailer detaches from the cab and folding ramps deploy for long jumps catching big air, awesome 360-degree back flips, and freestyle stunting with friends. Perfect set for developing motor skills and dexterity. Fuel their creativity and expand their imagination with all the exciting features of this transforming rig with stunt park thrills. Great set for indoor and outdoor fun and hours of play. The ultra fast battery system has a 1:1 charge to play time, allowing kids more time stunting than charging their vehicle.


Unique transforming RC semi truck transforms into a stunt park

Fuel their imagination and nurture creative thinking with multiple features

Hand-held remote controls drifting, transformation, and stunting actions

Folding ramps for long jumps, back flips and freestyle stunting

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