Hot Wheels® Track Builder™ Blaze Blast Challenge

Product#: FMW41
Released: 2018
Ages: 6 - 12 years

Product Desciption:

This innovative skill-based, motorized track set is the essence of gameplay and competition with a fire ring target that can be moved and includes 6 unique and challenging stunts! With 6 different stunts built into this one set there are lots of options for creative builds that fuel creativity and problem solving. There are plenty of challenges with a half loop that moves back and forth and a fire ring that moves up and down and sideways, too. The set is reconfigurable and connects with your construction bricks and the track itself can be lifted and lowered to aim the Hot Wheels® car for an exciting payoff moment. Great for play with a friend or just with their collection. Includes one Hot Wheels® vehicle.

Kids can stunt through the flaming loop by skillfully timing the launch.

Includes 6 unique and challenging stunts that unlock creativity and storytelling.

Exciting action moments and a cool payoff for unlocking creativity and storytelling.

The half loop challenge moves back and forth, and the fire ring moves up and down and sideways, too.

Great fun for two players or just one!

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