Hot Wheels® DC Universe™ Expanding Batcave Play Set

Product#: FLP08
Released: 2018
Ages: 4 - 8 years

Product Desciption:

The DC Universe™ Expanding Batcave™ offers endless storytelling and heroic action play! Enter Wayne Manor and discover the Batcave™! This awesome set transforms to reveal multiple levels of crime-fighting fun! When kids lift Wayne Manor they reveal the hidden Batcave™ and 4 levels. The set becomes over 1.5 feet tall with a working lift, ramps, jail, launcher and a Batcomputer™ to search for criminals. Drive into Wayne Manor in the Bruce Wayne™ Character Cars and unlock their imagination by speeding out of the Batcave™ door as the Batman™ Character Cars!

Kids roll the Bruce Wayne™ through the top entrance to Wayne Manor to push the Batman™ car out a swinging door into the Batcave™!

Batman™ can check on Gotham City™ from his computer room and catch infiltrators.

Batman™ can speed down the last ramp to surprise and trap The Joker™ in the jail.

The working lift can be manually raised to transport cars up and down.

Transforming set comes with two Character Cars.

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