Hot Wheels® Star Wars™ Star Destroyer Slam & Race Launcher Playset

Product#: FJF10
Released: 2018
Ages: 4 - 8 years

Product Desciption:

The race is on! Launch Battle Rollers™ into an epic race between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Unleash the force of storytelling fun with the Star Destroyer™ Slam & Race Launcher. Kids can re-enact favorite scenes from the Star Wars™ universe and create their own imaginative adventures. Place Battle Rollers™ on the launcher and then slam launcher to race! The iconic and instantly recognizable Star Destroyer™ Launcher is perfect for launching into a head-to-head race! Take your favorite Star Wars™ characters to new places in new proportions as Battle Rollers™! These unique scaled down die-cast vehicles place the character in the pilot's seat, as they speed, drift, and race through the galaxy propelled by extraordinary ball bearing movement! Kids can load their Battle Rollers™ and launch into battle, improving their accuracy and strategy skills! The set includes a Moloch Speeder™ and a Han Solo Speeder™. Ignite their imagination and save the galaxy!

Ignite their imagination with the Hot Wheels® Star Wars™ Star Destroyer™ Slam & Race Launcher.

Accuracy and strategy skills improve as they load and launch innovative and playable Battle Rollers™ vehicles.

Two Battle Rollers™ included with a pilot character and a metal ball bearing base for drifting, rolling, smashing, racing, and crashing action!

Kids can re-enact favorite scenes from the Star Wars™ universe or create their own adventures.

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