Hot Wheels® Race & Rinse Car Wash Play Set

Product#: FGW75
Released: 2017
Ages: 5 years and up

Product Desciption:

This set is all about multi-level play and car maintenance. Cars drive up a ramp into the circular garage, which is manually turned with the crank until the car clicks into place. When ready to leave, vehicles have two options the bottom route leads through the washing and refueling station, while the upper level exit involves an elevator, a ramp and a jump through the wheel. It's one big circle of fun! The car wash offers multiple levels of play with a ramp and car service stations. Kids can wash, rinse and "spin-dry" their Hot Wheels® vehicles for one big circle of fun!

Multi-level play and car service for realistic play action!

Cars drive up the ramp for washing or refueling.

The upper level exits include an elevator, a ramp and a jump.

Kids can wash, rinse and “spin-dry” their Hot Wheels® vehicles.

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