Justice League™ Flying Fox Mobile Command Center

Product#: FGG59
Released: 2017
Ages: 4 years and up

Product Desciption:

Batman™ takes his headquarters sky high in the new Justice League™ movie. This exclusive, transforming, authentically detailed Flying Fox vehicle and deluxe play set come loaded with enhanced technology, movie-inspired accessories and tactical defense areas. The fortress features a sleek, steel colored exterior and measures more than 30 inches long. Place a 6” scale Batman™ figure in the cockpit. The Flying Fox has rolling wheels to build your speed up for take off. In the air, prepare for battle in the armory with exclusive mission gear. Watch for alien warriors on the left and right wing battle platforms. When they’re in range, fire the projectile launchers outside the ship. Inside the headquarters, strategize in the computer control room, then man the massive battle station. Keep watch in the armory tower with its removable weapon accessories. If DC Super-Villains penetrate the ship, guide them to the trap door where they will fall into a holding cell and be taken prisoner! Wage aerial deployment and use the working zip line for a surprise attack. The alien Mother Box is stored in the containment unit for safeguarding between instructions. Bring backup vehicles aboard and check their stats at the diagnostic station. Fans get to customize the Flying Fox with the included stickers, too. Battle Steppenwolf™ and the parademons day and night and save the earth with this epic transforming vehicle and play set! Other vehicles and figures sold separately, subject to availability.

Deluxe Flying Fox transforming vehicle and fortress inspired by the new Justice League™ movie.

30" scale, with multiple themed areas for realistic scene recreation.

Rolling wheels vehicle enable push around play.

Cockpit that opens to fit the included 6" scale Batman™ figure inside.

The figure's mask can be removed for Bruce Wayne™ character play.

Interior areas include a control room, massive battle station, armory tower with removable accessories, and a vehicle diagnostic station.

Exterior has two firing launchers and left and right wing battle platforms.

Moving parts include a working zip line, trap door and jail cell.

The alien Mother Box is stored in the cockpit containment unit.

Other vehicles and action figures sold separately, subject to availability.

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