Hot Wheels® Super Ultimate Garage Play Set

Product#: FDF25
Released: 2017
Ages: 5 years and up

Product Desciption:

The Hot Wheels® Super Ultimate Garage is THE single biggest Hot Wheels® item ever! It stands over three feet tall and stores over 140 cars for hours of endless play! The features of the Super Ultimate Garage are equally as awesome with a continuous motorized elevator that can transport up to 23 cars at a time, different play zones and much more. Watch out for the menacing gorilla that can climb all the way up the tower and will try to swipe your friends out of the elevator! With so many amazing features, there are endless storytelling possibilities. The Super Ultimate Garage also includes a massive jet plane with storage for two Hot Wheels® cars so you can cruise around the city and land on your very own landing pad on the penthouse level. Features include a super cool side-by-side racetrack starting at the penthouse so you can race your friends the Hot Wheels® way! Explore the city's different play zones: order food at the drive up diner, lock away speeding cars in the police station, climb up the garage in the freight elevator, tune up your car in the shop and take it through the car wash. Includes 4 cars and 1 Jet plane. The set also has multiple connections points so you can connect your Super Ultimate Garage to the rest of your Hot Wheels® sets for a massive world of track and play.

The Super Ultimate Garage is the biggest Hot Wheels® playset ever and the ULTIMATE destination for hours of imaginative play!

Over three feet high with parking for over 140 cars!

Look out for the menacing gorilla that can go to the top of the tower and will try to swipe cars out of the elevator!

The continuous motorized elevator can transport up to 23 cars at a time.

The massive jet plane can transport two cars for cruising with a landing pad on the penthouse.

Lots realistic city-themed features like a car wash, tune-up shop, drive up diner, freight elevator and even a police station.

Thrilling classic side-by-side racing action and multiple connection points to connect to your other Hot Wheels® sets, too!

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