Hot Wheels® Star Wars™ Millennium Falcon™

Product#: DWM85
Released: 2017
Ages: 4 years and up

Product Desciption:

Treat your Star Wars™ fan to a galaxy of thrilling play possibilities! Unlock the storytelling fun with a track set that lets kids reenact favorite scenes from the Star Wars™ universe and create their own imaginative adventures. Explore Ahch-To Island to help ready the engines and take off for another great adventure. Take the working elevator up to fix the hyperdrive, tune up the engine, and man the blasters. Then kids can test their strategy skills by launching the included Chewbacca™ Character Cars towards the First Order to take them out and defeat the dark side!

Ignite imagination and storytelling fun with this stellar Star Wars™ set, which features lights and 20+ sound effects.

Launch the problem-solving play with a Millennium Falcon™ that requires repairs for battle. The working elevator takes you to the engines to perform repairs and tune-ups.

Test kids’ accuracy and strategy skills as they aim and launch the Character Cars along the track to defeat the First Order.

The set includes a working elevator that lifts your Character Cars up to areas in the Falcon that need fixing.

Develop sorting skills by expanding their collection of exclusive Star Wars™ vehicles.

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