Hot Wheels® 4 Lane Elimination Race Track Set

Product#: DPF11
Released: 2016
Ages: 4 years and up

Product Desciption:

Find out which Hot Wheels® hot rod is the fastest of all by lining them up and racing them down the classic 4 Lane Raceway! Four cars race and merge until only one winner dominates -- cars that merge too slowly get thrown off the track! The timeless design of the Hot Wheels® 4 Lane Raceway with its fair start launcher and pop-up winner’s flag shows the clear victor in every race! The track folds up and includes a handle to take the racing action to go. Eliminate the competition and race again and again because the 4 Lane Raceway is back, complete with ultra-cool retro-style packaging. Includes one car. Each set sold separately, subject to availability. Color and decorations may vary.

Send four Hot Wheels® hot rods down the racetrack for a thrilling ride and a pulse-pounding finish.

Find out which Hot Wheels® car is the fastest with the classic 4-Lane Elimination Race!

Eliminate the competition -- four cars race and merge, throwing slower cars off the track, until only one winner dominates!

The fair start launcher and pop-up winner’s flag shows the clear victor in every race!

Fold up into a case that includes a handle for taking your racing action to go.

This classic track will bring back memories for dads and create new ones for younger fans.

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