Matchbox® Grow Pro

Product#: DML57
Released: 2016
Ages: 3 years and up

Product Desciption:

Grow your own action with the Matchbox™ Grow Pro! Whether it’s digging up soil or planting seeds for a mini veggie farm, the Grow Pro is a tough mobile gardener on wheels! A large-scale truck equipped to tackle tough jobs indoors or outdoors, the Grow Pro includes a seedling tray for easy planting and relocation of seeds, a greenhouse dome to create the perfect environment for strong plants and of course an auger and plow to dig deep into the dirt. With additional gardening accessories and storage for tools, this work truck is the perfect companion for adventures ready to grow!

This is the first large-scale vehicle of its kind and combines the inherited play pattern of vehicle push-around play and a new way to explore the world through plant nurturing.

Fully equipped to plant, water and nurture plants, the Grow Pro includes a sprayer, hoe, auger, seeding tray, cones and a greenhouse dome.

Designed and equipped for outdoor gardening in the summer or indoor nurturing in the winter, the Grow Pro is a dynamic and fun learning experience wrapped in vehicle play!

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