Dinotrux Munchin' Machine Garby

Product#: DKC44
Released: 2016
Ages: 3 years and up

Product Desciption:

Work and play like a favorite Dinotrux character! This talking large-scale half-dinosaur, half-construction vehicle character from Dinotrux lets fans act out heavy-duty missions from the show. Compound Garby has unique and humorous movements to surprise and delight. With an appetite like no other, Garby likes to use his multiple stomachs to grind, crush and compact rocks before pooping them out for the Dinotrux to use. Recreate that action with ease! Use the included compound and molds to lay out a trail of “ore” for Garby to eat up, then pull his tail and watch him shoot the “ore” out the backside! Six molds are hidden within his three spines for creative compound fun. As Garby moves up, down, backward or forward on rolling wheels, he’s prompted to make even more Mechazoic Era action. Kids will love the opportunities for expression and play. Includes Compound Garby with three spine molds and two tubs of compound. Colors and decorations may vary.

Large-scale Garby is ready for heavy-duty missions and ferocious fun.

Kid-powered motion triggers Compound Garby to display unique and humorous movements.

Roll forward, backward, up or down for movements unique to his personality.

Use the molds hidden within Garby’s three spines to make unique shapes, including “ore” to feed him.

Fans of the Dinotrux show can play out scenes with this amazing half-dinosaur, half-construction vehicle toy based on favorite character, Garby.

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