Imaginext® DC Super Friends™ Super Hero Flight City

Product#: DHT62
Released: 2016
Ages: 3 - 8 years and up

Product Desciption:

Young Super Heroes' imaginations will be flying high when they combine two worlds into one with the Imaginext® Super Hero Flight City playset. 4 Power Pads get the action started.

Turn the top Power Pad on the Gotham City side to have kids' favorite Super Hero take flight. Just load Superman™ or Batman™ into the flight pack and have him circle the city looking for trouble.

(The Power Pad on Wayne Tower works just like a remote. How kids turn it determines how high or low or fast or slow the flight pack goes. It even provides 360-degree flying action!) Spot trouble below?

Turn the second Power Pad to reveal a projectile launcher that can do battle with any villain."Ha, ha, ha. Hello, Batman!" Don't forget about The Joker™ who has his own elevator and pie launcher that shoots 4 discs in a row by pushing the trigger. He could break into Wayne Manor through the secret door in back!

Catch The Joker once and for all by activating the trap door on the landing pad. Now head down and log into the batcomputer – your mission is complete! (The Joker figure sold separately.) Superman and Lex Luthor™ have their own cool gadgets, too!

Turn the third Power Pad on the Metropolis side to turn the Daily Planet into a landing pad.

And turn the fourth Power Pad to open up Lex Corp. and unveil another projectile launcher. Uh, oh, Lex Luthor is on the loose! Catch him on the landing pad and put him away for good in the Metropolis jail. (Just make sure he doesn't escape through the secret hatch!) (Lex Luthor figure sold separately.)

Imaginext® … Turn on Adventure!™

Double the fun, combining Gotham City and Metropolis in one!

4 Power Pads bring Super Hero Flight City to life

One Power Pad provides 360-degree remote flying action!

Turning the other Power Pads reveals landing pads, projectile launchers and Lex Corp.

Playset features 3 levels of play, trap doors, jails and a working elevator

Includes Metropolis and Gotham City playsets with flight tower connector, Batman and Superman figures, flight suit, 6 pie projectiles, 2 other projectiles and a manual elevator

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