Imaginext® Dino Fortress Gift Set

Product#: DGF71
Released: 2015
Ages: 3 - 8 years

Product Desciption:

With the Imaginext® Dino Fortress, little adventurers enter a prehistoric world where ancient dinosaur ruins are actually a fortress built around an “erupting” volcano! To scare away intuders, turn the warrior on the first Power Pad to hear tribal drums, sounds, and see Dino spikes light up as the head rises to reveal a “lava” launcher! Intruders still coming? Put “lava” boulder in place & press second Power Pad—the volcano “erupts” & sends the “lava” boulder through the mountain to load the launcher! Press the button to fire up to four “lava” boulders in a row! Need more fire power? Turn the Warrior on the third Power Pad to load the “lava” boulder for hammer swing! To give your child’s imagination a dino-sized boost, there’s a lava ramp, trap door with jail, swinging rock hammer, and even a snake drop! Who defends the Dino Fortress? None other than the mighty Imaginext® Deluxe T-Rex, equipped with a catapult on his back! The warrior can make the T-Rex roar and launch a boulder at the same time—an awesome combination for creating prehistoric adventures!

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