Disney Frozen Elsa's Ice Magic Palace

Product#: CMG65
Released: 2015
Discontinued: 2015
Ages: 3 years and up

Product Desciption:

Fans of Disney’s Frozen will fall in love with this magical, light-up castle!

Inspired by Elsa’s icy castle in the mountains, this play set features elements that celebrate the empowering and inspiring scene when Elsa sings “Let It Go”.

To channel Elsa’s icy powers, press down on the bottom step and the snow will transform to stairs.

Activate a magical light show by tapping the large snowflake on the floor – just like Elsa does in the movie!

Then press a button at the top of the castle to send the icicle chandelier spiraling downward into the main room.

Kids can boost the magic and fun by expanding the size of the castle! Just turn the crank and watch the castle “grow” taller and taller!

Specific accents, like a mirror and a window, turn around to reveal a special moment from the film. Of course, what’s a castle without accessories?

Kids will delight in a piece count that includes a scepter, perfume bottle, bracelet, brush, silverware and food, cups, and doll stand, each of which help to tell Elsa’s enchanting tale.

With so many magical moments inspired by Disney’s Frozen, this is the ultimate gift for fans of the movie.

Includes Elsa Ice Castle and house-themed piece count. Colors and decorations may vary. Doll not included.

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