FP Roller Blocks Rockin' Wagon

Product#: CFM97
Released: 2015
Ages: 6 - 36 months

Product Desciption:

The Fisher-Price® Roller Blocks Rockin’ Wagon gives baby 2 ways to play!

Entertain the youngest babies in Sit & Play mode with a clicker wheel to stack the roller blocks, a peek-a-boo flipper to flip blocks onto the wagon’s rockin’ ramp, and flag with noisy clacker bead.

Mom can keep the tailgate up to contain the play for the littlest ones. When baby’s crawling and on the move, mom can flip the tailgate down so the blocks race out the back for baby to chase!

And by pressing the lever, baby is rewarded with teeter-totter action, music and silly sounds!

When baby’s ready for Stand & Pull mode, simply unfold the handle from underneath.

With fun music that plays and blocks that teeter-totter back and forth on the ramp when the wagon’s pulled along, baby will be encouraged to walk! This wagon’s definitely rockin’ with non-stop fun and roller block racin’ action!

Includes: Roller Blocks Rockin’ Wagon, 2 roller blocks with silly faces and 2 roller blocks with vehicles & objects for baby to explore grasping and stacking blocks & pulling the wagon along help foster motor skills Music and bright colors help stimulate baby’s visual & auditory senses!

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