Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Rotomotion Playset with 5 Pack of Cars

Product#: CCL93
Released: 2014
Discontinued: 2015
Ages: 5 years and up

Product Desciption:

Gear up for continuous thrills with this Rotomotion Hot Wheels Bundle! Wall Tracks bring play onto the wall. The Wall Tracks Roto-Arm Revolution features a motorized lift to move cars up the wall. Load your cars and watch in awe as the bright green claw grabs a descending vehicle, then the rotating arms lift it up and drop it off on a higher track! Then race down and make a mega jump through car crusher claws! Hit the diverter to take the lower track to cross the bridge to come back around for another go-round up top. Or take the high road and risk the spinning car crusher. Time it just right to blast off the claw! The Hot Wheels Bundle track set also features continuous action and a stunts-packing track that creates an impressive visual wow! For even more extended play options, connect to other Wall Tracks sets (sold separately) to create an entire car-powered world on the wall! Includes one die-cast car and safe-for-walls Command strips from 3M and a Hot Wheels five-pack car assortment.

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