Hot Wheels® Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket’s Tailspin Takedown

Product#: BLK88
Released: 2014
Ages: 4 years and up

Product Desciption:

When a pilot is stranded in outer space, he’ll have to unite a team of aliens to thwart cosmic threats. Taking inspiration from the 2014 Marvel® film, Guardians of the Galaxy, this track set features all the excitement of the film in action-packed Hot Wheels® style! This gravity-based track set boasts a Rocket Raccoon-themed car as the hero. Rocket is ready to take on arch-villain Ronan and his two henchmen, Yondu and Korath. Send Rocket down the gravity ramp and into the spinout arm. The arm whips him around into a 360° spin and he careens into his enemies sending them flying. Knock them down and then set them back up for tons of Guardians-themed fun!
- Inspired by action from Marvel®’s Guardians of the Galaxy feature film.
- Gravity-based track set.
- Includes Rocket Racoon-themed car.
- Swing arm for spinout action.
- 3 standee figures representing villains from the film.

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