Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister 2 Day

Product#: BHP86
Released: 2014
Ages: 3 years and up

Product Desciption:

It's multi-car amped-up action like never before! This Hot Wheels® track set has triple the fun with three tracks - creating three different loops - with two power boosters, and one ultimate crash zone! It's open-ended play with endless possibilities, plus a digital opportunity to really bring the track to life! Launch one car or many. The more vehicles in motion, the more mayhem ensues. The loops vary in height and shape (one even twists!), but all three are meant for speed and gravity-defying moves. Two boosters power the high-speed action on track. Can you guess which track your car will end up navigating? As the vehicles whip around the course, the tension builds. Which cars will make it through? Which will crash? Kids have some control over the risk and action. Hit the red diverter to send cars on a definite collision course, or give the vehicles a chance to blast through the blue course to take the third loop. They'll head around and up the new track to start the thrills all over again! Place an iPad® (sold separately) into the removable stand at the base of the set, and download the free Hot Wheels Power Port™ App to battle sharks, robots and more in a variety of different worlds. It's absolutely twisted fun! Ages 5 and older.

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