Hot Wheels® Color Shifters™ Sharkport Showdown™

Product#: BGK04
Released: 2014
Ages: 4 years and up

Product Desciption:

Can you escape the chomping shark? You'll find out in this exciting, action-packed, color-changing thrill ride.

Race from the top of the tower down the ramp, but watch out for the shark - he's hungry for some metal munchies and ready to trap your vehicle in his chomping jaws!

If you get trapped, just send another vehicle down the ramp to hit the release lever and launch the captured car into safety. Navigate this themed track with perfect timing to escape the shark and save the day!

Sharkport Showdown™ play set features two color-change zones - a dunk tank and splash pool - and comes with a Color Shifters® car so boys can experience color-changing action right away.

You can also attach this set to your existing Hot Wheels® tracks to expand your racing world!

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