Hot Wheels® Mutant Machines™ City Attack™ Play Set

Product#: BGJ19
Released: 2014
Ages: 4 years and up

Product Desciption:

Danger lurks in Hot Wheels® City…the Mutant Machines™ have escaped from the sewers and are attacking! The result of a failed experiment in an underground lab, these half creature half vehicle machines are ready to invade and wage mayhem! With this play set, it’s Mutants vs. Cars in a mega battle for Hot Wheels® City! It’s up to kids to use the Hot Wheels® car to outwit, divert, crash or trap the Mutants before they slink into secret sewer passageways and plot their next attack! The mutants’ goal is to escape the set! The City Attack™ set features inventive exciting under and aboveground play areas, plus cool secret passageways! For even more storylines and extended adventures, it also connects with other Hot Wheels™ tracks (sold separately). Includes one car and one Mutant Machines™ vehicle. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Ages 4 and older.

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