Hot Wheels® Monster Jam® Maximum Destruction® Battle

Product#: BFN66
Released: 2014
Ages: 4 years and up

Product Desciption:

Beware the Max-D monster! He's come to wreak havoc in the Monster Jam® arena! It will take the heroics of the Team Hot Wheels® Firestorm® truck to take down this mega menace. Max-D's torso spins allowing him to strike oncoming trucks with devastating force. His grasping claws can imprison anything from cargo containers to Monster Jam® trucks to Hot Wheels® cars. Use the slam blast launcher to fire the Team Hot Wheels® truck down the track, past Max-D's menacing claws for a shot at stopping his rampage. If you score a direct hit on his chest plate, you can revel in your victory as Max-D explodes into pieces! For even more action, attach one or more Slam Blast Smash-Up™ play sets for insane multi-player mayhem. Includes 1 Team Hot Wheels® Firestorm® truck.

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