Polly Pocket® Wall Party™ Polly Plaza™

Product#: BCD79
Released: 2013
Ages: 4 years and up.

Product Desciption:

Polly® doll and her friends can spend a day at the mall enjoying all sorts of adventures because they shop at the ultimate mall…on the wall! The sets elevate play by attaching to the wall with included safe-for-walls Command® strips from 3M while a suction-cup keeps small pieces in place. This set is fun on its own or can be used to expand the mall on the wall, which is sold separately. Here, Polly® doll can hit the trendiest boutique to buy some new clothing. Which print works best? Which handbag matches? Try them on in the dressing room and find out. Then take the “escalator” down to the sporting goods store to pick up some outdoor surf and skate gear - don't forget a helmet! When the shopping is done, zip on over to the hot cocoa bar via the included zipline for a warm drink and an energizing snack! Everything looks delicious. When play is over, walk away or store everything in the compartment below the sporting goods store. The set includes one Polly® doll, clothing, surf/skate shop items, toy food and drink, additional themed accessories, wall mounts, zipline, safe-for-walls Command® Strips from 3M and storage.

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