Rescue Heroes™ Hydro Team™ Gil Gripper™

Product#: 78378
Released: 2002
Ages: 3 yrs. & up

Product Desciption:

What's the most powerful weapon of the Rescue Heroes™ Hydro Team?™ Water! Gil Gripper's™ special hydro pack propels him through water-and to the rescue-- faster than any fish. Just wind up his hydro pack, press the button and place Gil in the water and watch him "swim" off to save divers in distress. Other Rescue Heroes figures can use the hydro pack too! When you're stuck at sea and it's the 11th hour, call the Hydro Team to pour on the rescue power! Other HydroTeam members include Billy Blazes™, Bob Buoy™ and Wendy Waters™ (sold separately and subject to availability.)

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